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Ybor City – Tampa, Florida


ybor nightYbor City is located northeast of downtown Tampa. At its birth, Ybor drew newcomers from Spanish, Cuban, Sicilian, Romanian and German cultures. It’s full of a rich history in economic development, and continues to evolve as a vibrant, revitalized corner of Tampa. From a cigar factory that started it all, to the multi-ethnic population that built its foundation, Ybor City has grown into a unique cultural experience for residents and visitors.

By the 1930s, affected by the Great Depression, worldwide fine cigar demand slowed, and the large cigar factories that employed many of the Ybor’s original residents collapsed. But, recovery eventually came.

In the 1980s, artists who were in search of inexpensive studio space began to populate the deserted district, and by the early 90s, historic brick buildings on Ybor’s 7th avenue began to be converted into bars, restaurants and retail venues.

That, combined with its rich, ethnically diverse history, has made Ybor a top Tampa choice for sought-after nightlife, as well as a vast array of dining options that is sure to please any food lover.

But what’s possibly known as the most famous item to feast on in Ybor City? The Cuban Sandwich. Ybor City’s style of Cuban sandwich has been proclaimed as the “official” Cuban Sandwich of Tampa. The award caught on in Miami where the decision sparked some debate. After more than 7,000 NPR listeners weighed in, it was officially, officially decide...Tampa’s Cuban won Florida’s bragging rights for the “Original Cuban Sandwich”.

Book your Gourmet Trek Ybor tour today, and experience the deep culture, rich history, and delectable cuisine that keeps residents and visitors wanting more.

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